Friday, March 21, 2014

Casual Friday: How to make tea

Friday, March 21, 2014
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Loretta reports:

About the time I discovered this video clip, I found another, from the 1950s, extolling the virtues of bagged tea.  As tea fanatics are aware, bagged tea is made with tea dust, the stuff left over at the end of the leaf-grading process.

To a tea fanatic, the idea of making tea in big urns is even less appealing than making it with tea bags.  But there's no way to provide an army hot tea in in little teapots.  And I give credit to the makers of this film for showing so much care and  respect for this wonderful beverage.

Illustration: Edward Penfield, [Girl holding tea pot and cup on tray] between 1884 and 1925, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA
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Peggy said...

I also would like to comment on the respect we see for our military and volunteer workers at the time. I suppose I wish for the caring time pictured. I don't see the caring as much anymore. I do care and I enjoy your articles of earlier times. Thank you, Iced tea here in the Midwest with Lemon, Lime, or Mint! Wish I could do sugar still, but have to use the fake stuff. But a good glass of unsweetened tea brewed correctly is a good substitute. LOL

Joannie said...

Isn't "unsweetened tea" just TEA? why is it assumed all tea is sweetened? (I hate sugar in tea). I brew tea. If I add sugar, it is sweetened tea., right? If I bake a potato, it isn't an "unbuttered baked potato" right? ;)

Alina K. Field said...

I love this video! I feel this way about my coffee. Though I love good-quality herbal tea, I've never cared much for regular tea. Maybe because it comes from a tea bag?

Sierra Sue said...

Wonderful film--suits me to a T !
I love tea and always enjoy trying new ones.
I loved the part in the film about serving tea to the "bombed out" !! I should think tea would help "a bit" !!
Thank You both, love your site and this one especially !

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