Saturday, March 1, 2014

Breakfast Links: Week of February 24, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014
February may be the shortest month, but we still have a hefty serving of Breakfast Links for you - our weekly round-up of fav links to other web sites, articles, blogs, and images, gathered from around the Twitterverse.
• Paintings of 18th c. London meet Google Street View in pictures.
Image: White on white: rear view of dresses, c. 1900.
• When dinosaurs replaced dragons in our collective imaginations: St. George and the Pterodactyl.
• Spice, that's nice! A are Regency-era spice box.
• One hundred years ago, shocking news (?) from Paris: "French women use heroic measures to become beautiful."
• The toys of war: "The Myriopticon" was a historical game about the Civil War, played during wartime.
• Browse historical images by century.
Image: Stunning Vanity, by the "last of the Pre-Raphaelites" Frank Cadogan Cowper, 1907.
• Living by candlelight: the past is an unlit country.
• Vintage recipe: when a coffee cake meant coffee in a cake, 1866.
• More than thirty great paintings of 17th c. children from Northern Europe to the New World demonstrate how concept of childhood evolves.
Image: Pair of cream knitted cotton gloves with red silk embroidery in angular & zigzag design, c. 1650.
• Crush the best-dressed list: a century of dazzling party dresses.
• Detecting crime in 18th c. Yorkshire.
Image: The pedants' revolt.
• After a failed coup d'etat against Elizabeth I, Robert Devereux was beheaded in the Tower of London, February 25, 1601.
• On nagging and nosiness and interfering elderly aunts in the 18th c.
• In the 15th c., going to a public bath dinner was like eating out today - except everyone was naked.
Catherine the Great tells a guy to get stuffed. Inadvertently.
• The insidious poison of the opera, 1871. Mothers! Lock up the librettos!
Victorian street furniture: is it a street lamp? A sign post? a ventilation shaft? Yes!
Image: Vault of the 600-year-old Kranenburg Stiftskirche.
• "What you're trying to do is put sex in a box": the 1965 invention of the game Twister.
• Wonderful lost photo journal tells the story of a Cardiff soldier in the First World War.
Image: Get ready for the Oscars with a graphic chart of every dress worn by Academy Award winners for Best Actress.
• The art of Victorian hairwork: hair as a material, how it was woven, and its role in 19th c. mourning.
• For all you 18th c. shoe-freaks: a decade-by-decade timeline to keep you in style.
• Nero may have fiddled while Rome burned, but Sheridan sipped wine and watched while his own theatre was razed by fire.
Image: Some things never change: Monday morning madness at Liverpool Street Station, early 20th c.
• Story of Cleopatra's Needle in New York's Central Park.
• A DIY Georgian beauty secret, shared: recipe for Aunt Preston's cold cream.
• The worst anachronisms of Downton Abbey, season four.
• Postcards demonstrating the loosening of romantic conventions during World War One.
Image: Weighing scales to weigh newborn babies, c. 1900 - complete with a branded base.
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Karen Anne said...

I think they're wrong about Are you okay? not being common in the 1960s. That was commonplace when I was growing up before then.

Chris Woodyard said...

More sterling links: that luminous Pre-raphaelite "Vanity," the 17th century! And the 17th-century children are wonderful--saw an exhibit called Pride and Joy, with many of the same paintings--get the catalog if you can. Catherine the Great's pug was a hoot! And thanks for linking to the dangers of opera.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Thanks for another great selection of posts. I enjoyed so many of these. Look forward to the next!

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