Saturday, March 15, 2014

Breakfast Links: Week of March 10, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014
Breakfast Links are up! Our weekly round-up of fav links to other web sites, blogs, articles, and images, all gathered for you from via Twitter.
• Fascinating interactive map, overlaying very detailed Victorian maps onto today's London.
• The exquisite wistfulness of 19th c. vegetarian personal ads.
• Meet Jonathan, St. Helena's 182-year-old tortoise.
Image: The original London Met Police Uniform
• Delicious green 1950s cocktail dress for an early St. Patrick's Day treat.
• Churchill's wish upheld as a new cat is welcomed to Chartwell.
• Crossed wires: the gendered technology of the Princess Phone.
• Edward Eliot's sexual prowess before marriage earned him the nickname "Sir Bull."
Image: Googling "evolution of cats" can take you to some weird places.
• George Washington, father of two scoops.
• The cost of a curtsey: the expenses of Court Presentation, 1907.
Mary Darly, mother of the 18th c. caricature.
Image: A gymnastic class, c 1900.
Saffron cakes and the mystery of the Blew Peel - an 18th c. recipe.
• Bride kidnapping, leather dildos, and an angry king: must be the Earl of Rochester!
• Revolutionary War patriot Samuel Cutts and his 1780s suit.
• In 1914, a Manhattan woman is defiant as judge orders she be spanked for not kissing her husband.
• Walking hundreds of miles for suffrage: General Jones and her army of suffrage pilgrims.
• Making "your haire as yellowe as golde"; hair dye and health.
Image: Stylish motorcyclists Baker & O'Brien in front of the White House, 1914.
• Beautiful illustration shows the evolution of the typewriter.
• Depictions of dogs & cats with 18th c. women and children in portraits: symbolic, or just pets?
• The meanings of a 16-year-old prisoner's tears in the 1840s.
• Eyewitness accounts of the Great Storm of 1703, the worst storm in England's history.
Image: Perfect of a lazy weekend: Holloway Reading Stand, c. 1890
• A John Adams letter "like a freight train barrelling over the epistolary countryside bearing a cargo of bad attitude."
Crinoline calendar, 1861: drawing of a young woman with the months of the year on her skirt.
• A gorgeous 17th-18th c. silver filigree perfume set, possibly from Seringapatam.
Animals in warfare from Hannibal to World War One.
• A 400-year-old vest, made on a machine, of the finest red silk. But who did it belong to?
• Perils of ancient London Bridge: collapse, fire, and human waste.
• Is this really a rare photo of the Bronte sisters?
Image: A lesson in husband-taming, 1859.
• A baby duchess and her pet dog, c. 1595.
• A dining delicacy from 1879: ortolans.
• Charles Spurgeon's early photographic portraits of 1880s Londoners.
• Video of Victorian and Edwardian undergarments, from the Fountainhead Museum.
• Confusing how-to for 19th c. flirtation with gloves.
• Women in the saddle: the Kaiser and The Times agree on medical danger of females riding astride.
• And here are the hazards of horseback riding for men, plus some unusual 17th c. cures.
Image: Burberry's first shop in 1886. Thomas Burberry created the gabardine in 1879.
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