Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"When the Duchess Said Yes" On Sale Today

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Isabella reports:

To authors, it often seems that the proverbial slow-sliding-molasses really does move faster than the whole book-publishing-process. Months and months of edits, rewrites, and galleys, and then, bang, it's publication day. Which means TODAY for When the Duchess Said Yes, now available everywhere, in print and electronically.


When the Duchess Said Yes is the second book in my Wylder Sisters series of historical romances, set in Georgian London. It's the second sister's story as well. As the daughter of an earl, Lady Elizabeth Wylder has been betrothed since infancy to the Duke of Hawkesworth. It's a splendid match for Lizzie, or it would be if her wayward duke would return home from Italy to claim her. Handsome and charming, Hawke is willing enough to marry the lovely, witty Lizzie once they finally meet. But being a bridegroom and a husband are two different things to irresponsible Hawke, and it's up to Lizzie to make him realize that the love – and desire - that he discovers with her are worth far more than all of his old bachelor pleasures combined.

As a preview, you can read (and download) the first chapter here.

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Kathy said...

Hmmm! Where to get your book. I like amazon uk, even tho I live in Nevada. There is a B&N not far from where I live, though. Oh, those tough decisions!

. . . and OH OH OH, those HARD "Verification characters".

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