Saturday, September 8, 2012

Breakfast Links: Week of September 3, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012
Served up fresh: a new serving of Breakfast Links include our favorite links to other websites, photographs, and articles gathered for you this week from Twitter.
• Haven't I seen that dress before? James Tissot, Charles Baudelaire, and Fashion.
• "I have not shot her yet. Maybe Monday." A hospital-bound & nurse-plagued Dorothy Parker writes to a friend.
Message in a bottle discovered after 97 years at sea.
• Work-out equipment from the 18th c: the Chamber Horse, or Exercise Chair.
• An amazingly complete extant man's wardrobe found from the 17th c.
• An "inexperienced young Woman" named Anna wrote this letter to Byron in 1812.
• Apparently it cost as much to dress a modern girl in the 1920s as it does to equip a three-room flat today.
• Scholars from Amherst College may have discovered unknown 2nd photo of poet Emily Dickinson.
• Queen Victoria's bracelet of heart-shaped lockets is a reminder that she was a mother of nine.
• Sad demolition of house that inspired Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby.
• How Elizabeth Boleyn's embroidery became dangerous, c 1530.
• Small 1847 house transforms into a store, competing with NYC's great 19th c Ladies' Mile emporiums.
• Rationing and riots: The birth of nylon stockings.
• Daugerreotype portraits of children in the 1850s.
• Fantastic photographs: absolute wonderment & glory that is Peterborough Cathedral.
• Benjamin Franklin discovers tofu for America, 1770 (thanks to Samuel Bowen.)
• Stunning details on c1884 open weave linen dress.
• Accident or Tudor murder? Amy Robsart, wife of Robert Dudley, found dead near stairs in her home, 1560.
• Blondin, the 19th c tightrope walker whose crossings over Niagara Falls became ever more bizarre.
• "A Forked Stick for the Cookold": historical lucky pieces baked into food.
• Discovered: Lord Byron's copy of Frankenstein, with love from Mary Shelley.
• Chicago created the Beehive.
• Amazing 19th c images of everyday scenes: Back to Old Church Street with Mr. Hedderly.
• The ultimate vintage footwear? Roman shoes rediscovered in Towcester.
• Why do the middle classes have to ruin everything? Victorian music halls.
• Bejeweled Georgian eye jewellery.
• Happy birthday, Queen Elizabeth I, born this week in 1533; portraits of Her Majesty.
• To blouse, barneymugging, applesauce, and biscuit: Flapper Guide to slang.
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Isis said...

Thank you for featuring my post about extant 17th century clothes!

Deborah Watley said...

I enjoyed Dorothy Parker's letter! And she thought it was dull!

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