Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Video: A Musical Interlude

Friday, June 26, 2015
Zoffany, Self-Portrait with his daughter & others
Loretta reports:

For today, I present a short musical interlude, with a little something unexpected.

Image: Johan Joseph Zoffany, Self-Portrait with His Daughter Maria Theresa, James Cervetto, and Giacobbe Cervetto (ca 1780), courtesy Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection.

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Saam said...

Brilliant. As a classical musician, I heartily approve of crossover artists. I laughed my head off all through the video!

Anonymous said...

Alright! AC/DC's classic "Thunderstruck" to begin the weekend! For anyone wanting to compare with the original, here's an awesome video of the band rocking it from back in '91.

chickenchupacabra said...

The audience was priceless!!! Thanks for making me laugh!

Cathy Spencer, Author said...

Amazing! It interests me, how music evolves and how unlikely it would be for even a genius to have come up with something like this in the 18th century.

Anonymous said...

No sound! Disappointing.

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