Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fashions for June 1831

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1831 Fashions
Loretta reports:

I love coming upon multi-fashion plates—a chance to see a parade of dresses intended for different purposes, but all for the same month. If you’ve been watching sleeves as closely as I have (probably not), you’ll have noticed that the earlier 1830s show fullness mainly above the elbow, as here, and sharper lines at the shoulders. As the decade continues, the shoulder generally softens and slopes downward, while the sleeve swelling increases and continues down to the wrist (except in some evening wear).

"Five portraits of Ladies in English Morning, Walking, and Carriage Dresses for June," from the Royal Lady’s Magazine & Archive of the Court of St. James’s 1831.

1831 Fashions description

Description cont'd
Description cont'd

Note: The fashion plate appears in black & white online. You can see it in color in the PDF.

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Lillian Marek said...

I love looking at the fashion plates but I always how close the colors are to the actual colors of the clothes. Old prints are often oddly tinted and inks change over the years. So, for that matter, do fabrics. Is there any way to know?

Helen said...

What do I wear if I need to walk to the carriage in the morning? I just don't know.

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