Saturday, October 20, 2012

Update: Who Bought Jane Austen's Ring?

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Isabella reporting:

One of our most popular posts of this past year was Would You Wear Jane Austen's Ring? The gold ring, left,  is one of the few possessions that were undeniably Jane's, with the special magic such a connection brings. This summer the ring sold at auction for £152,450, or about $236,000. At the time, the identity of the buyer was unknown, with much speculation as to whether the ring had been bought by a museum or a private collector.

At last the buyer's name is public, and I doubt anyone would have guessed it: chart-topping singer and American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. Turns out Kelly is not only a Jane Austen fan - she also owns a first edition of Persuasion – but a self-proclaimed "really big history nerd." Kelly, welcome to the club.

But whether Kelly will ever be able to take her prize back home to Texas remains up in the air. She still has not been granted an export request; because the ring has been declared a British national treasure, she is not permitted to take it from the U.K. Will Kelly be taking the ring home with her at the end of her British tour? Stay tuned...the saga of Jane Austen's ring continues!

Above: A gold and gem ring, once belonging to Jane Austen. Photograph: Sotheby's.


nightsmusic said...

Who'd have ever, EVER thought she was such a fan or nerd? I do hope her intention ends up being that she leaves it there for everyone to enjoy, in perhaps the British Museum? Or some other popular venue where anyone can see it.

Donna Seger said...

Totally agree: a big surprise!

Unknown said...

If it is a Brittish National Treasure and can not leave then the government should have bid for it. Absolutly ridiculous that the owner of something can't take it home with them. Kelly congrats on winning something beutiful and you obviously love it, sad that you can't do what you want with your own property.

Charles Bazalgette said...

I understand that she has been forbidden to take it out of Britain.

Evangeline Holland said...

I agree with Katie H.--pretty odd to allow international bidders on an item that would not be allowed to leave the British Isles! But so chuffed to hear that Kelly is a history nerd!

QNPoohBear said...

I knew I liked her for a reason! Congratulations Kelly!

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