Saturday, October 20, 2012

Breakfast Links: Week of October 15, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Here's your weekly offering of Breakfast Links – our favorite links of the week via Twitter, including links to other blogs, web sites, photos, and articles you won't want to miss.
• 19th c. French ladies jumping from hot-air balloons, inventing parachutes, & starting restaurants.
• 'Bad Form in Dress', WWI government poster that advised women not to splash out on frocks during wartime.
• "The Jelly-House Maccaroni" print from 1772, and what the heck that means.
Collops of Rabbits, with Champagne wine: 18th c. recipe with modern version, too.
• A walk through long-gone London: A room to let in old Aldergate.
• Stunning emerald green silk velvet & gold 1920s shawl coat.
Mary of Guelders, 15th c. Queen of Scotland.
• What not to wear to high school in the 1960s.
• Victims of Caroline of Brunswick's funeral, 1821.
Nicolas Culpeper, 17th c. gardener & writer, in Spitalfields, London.
• Stumbling over a 200-year-old hotel - complete with gardens! - in the middle of Manhattan.
• 'One large frying pan & three paires of Irish stockings': what did pilgrims pack for the New World?
• Atlantic earthquakes.
• The corn doctor: 18th c. foot care.
• Voting with their feet: how shoemaking helped win the 1872 presidential election.
• Account of the London Beer Flood, which took place this week in 1814.
• Not to be outdone: the Molasses Flood in Boston, MA, 1919.
• President Teddy Roosevelt reportedly drank over a gallon of coffee a day.
• Thing of wonder: a 4,000 year old yew tree at Crowhurst Surrey, complete with a Georgian door.
• Jane Austen's beloved friend, Madame Lefroy, & the story told by her obituaries.
Comfortable corsets of 1893.
Mannequin morgue at the Chicago Museum - a year-round haunted house.
• Pair of Marie-Antoinette's shoes fetch 50,000 euros at auction.
• Lady Angela Forbes on her debut in Society, 1895.
• The Hasty Marriage, 1772.
Alaska P. Davidson, the FBI's first female Special Agent.
• Historic doll's houses as miniature windows on the past.
• Women fought long and hard for the right to vote - honor their legacy by making sure your vote counts this Election Day.
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Keri@AWH said...

Thanks for the link! Lots of great links today—I found the Georgian Gent's post about foot care very interesting, & loved the shawl-coat =)

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