Sunday, August 5, 2012

Your Scandalous Ways—August Special Price

Sunday, August 5, 2012
Loretta reports:

I’ve blogged here often about Lord Byron, especially about his adventures in Venice.   Those adventures were one source of inspiration for Your Scandalous Ways, the love story of two damaged and jaded people:  a courtesan and an early-19th century version of 007.

I have a soft spot in my heart for this book, partly because of the protagonists, and partly because of the setting, Venice, which may well be the most beautiful city in the world—and which one day might become another Atlantis.

While I’m sorry that Venice is sinking, I’m delighted to report that that the price of the electronic edition of Your Scandalous Ways has sunk—though it’s for this month only.  For the month of August, as part of Avon’s Sizzling Summer Scandals Promo, this is one of a dozen Avon eBooks available for $1.99.*

For two dollars, here's a little of what you get:  Gondola rides, especially at night.  The Campanile at dawn (for some shocking goings-on).  Francesca’s jewel box.  An assortment of knaves and cutthroats.  A visit to the place condemned men ended up in when they crossed the Bridge of Sighs.  All this and more—not to mention Lord Byron, introducing each chapter in his own inimitable style.

And to satisfy your Nerdy History Person requirements, I’ve provided lots of background, here at 2NHG—Gondolas then & now... Casanova and the Condoms...Ring my chimes, Campanile
... Department of Quotation:  Byron in Venice

—and at Loretta Chase In Other Words:

Your Scandalous Ways: The Interview Part Uno
Your Scandalous Ways:The Interview Part Due
Francesca's Tattoo
Here today, gondola tomorrow
Your palazzo or mine?
More Scandalous: A Girl's Best Friend

And you can check out my Pinterest page for more illustrations.

*I regret to say that the eBook is not yet available in the UK or Australia.  This issue, much too complicated and tedious to explain here—not Avon's fault or mine, but a difficulty in working out satisfactory arrangements with epublishers)—has dragged on for some time, but we're hoping to have it resolved in the next month or so. 


Anonymous said...

I loved this book and was pleased to see that I could justify buying it again, to re-read on my Kindle while I'm on holiday, since it was such a good price. However - I'm in the UK and when I checked Amazon UK I couldn't find an electronic version. So I followed the link to which you gave - and that doesn't show a Kindle version either! (Not that I'd be able to buy it from there, but others will follow the link and wonder where it is - unless somehow Amazon manage to hide the Kindle version to those with foreign IP addresses?)

So is there any other way that your UK readers can get hold of this ebook? It doesn't have to be in Kindle!


LorettaChase said...

Helena, I do apologize. I'll need to put up a disclaimer, unfortunately, because the eBook isn't yet available in the U.K. or Australia. This is the result of licensing complications I won't bore you with. We're hoping to have the issue resolved soon—we've been working on it for YEARS (!!)—in the next month or so.

Isobel Carr said...

I snapped this up already. It's my favorite of yours, and I can't wait to have a chance to re-read it!!!

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