Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friday Video: Olympic Girl-Power

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Isabella/Susan reporting,

We'll leave the Georgians behind today, and for our Friday Video turn to the history currently being made in London by Olympic athletes from around the world. One of the few benefits to my recovery this week (from this) is that I can indulge in Olympic excess with a clear conscience. And why not? It only happens every four years - and London has never looked more glorious.

Like many viewers, I've been particularly taken by the American women's gymnastics team. It's not just their jaw-dropping skill that I love, but the fierce confidence and support for one another that these young women display. These are women who believe in themselves and one another - the true definition of teamwork - and it's wonderful to watch. I'm linking to the slo-mo version of the near-perfect vault by McKayla Maroney (NBC isn't permitting embedding yet) as a single example, though picking just one is almost impossible. Can there be a better example of "girl power" that McKayla's determination before she begins her vault? Certainly the judge in the above photo agrees - check out her literally jaw-dropping reaction! 


Ana said...

I've seen just a bit today, the final, and wow!
Gabby was... just...

I have no words.

The NBC doesn't stream for international viewers, unfortunately.
I'll just have to wait to see that one, but I believe it'll be well worth the wait.

[I like the US team's style more than I did 4 years ago - change of trainers?]

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Ella Quinn said...

I remember when the USSR used to take most of the medals. Our girls were wonderful.

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