Saturday, August 4, 2012

Breakfast Links: Week of July 30, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012
After a fortnight's sick leave, the Breakfast Links are back! A fresh serving of our favorite links of the week via Twitter, leading you to other blogs, web sites, articles, and pictures you don't want to miss.
• Clapboard Castles: Grand old hotels by the sea.
• More on medieval bras - new details on rare 15th c find.
• Why the letter Z is associated with sleep.
• A glass, c 1762-75, that commemorates the birth of George IV.
• 'A commodious Mansion, or rather Maisonette': Heathfield House, 1816, Oxfordshire - now a steal for £20,000,000!
Akin to Jane Austen: filling in the branches of the Austen family tree.
• Flashback to the '80s! MTV's House of Style now online.
• Queen Victoria's riding jacket, on display at Kensington Palace.
• A cacophony of color: glorious photos of stained glass through the ages.
• Novelty, simplicity, buoyancy, and pliancy: "Victoria Inflated Skirt", 1857.
Sherlock Holmes and his tools of deduction.
• Percy Bysshe Shelley frets about information 1821.
• Refreshing Orange Creams: 18th c dessert recipe, plus modern version and how-to video.
Lake Forest, IL: where Daisy Buchanan lived.
• Sweet Child of Mind: to celebrate chef Julia Child's 100th birthday, watch this delightful video of her "greatest hits."
• DIY: Making 18th c vinegar.
• How advertisers convinced Americans they smelled bad.
Edwardian gardens at Nymans, West Sussex.
• Almost unbearably melancholy photos of fading Italian villas.
• Women's work is never done: women's role in the white lead industry.
• Surf's up! Women's bathing suits from the 1950s.
• "Bedstead bloomers, Jack the wrong man, Mr. Ferguson, and where the Irishman hid his shilling": 19th c criminal slang.
Sex education for women, 1802.
• How Percy Bysshe Shelley celebrated his wife Harriet's birthday August 1, 1812.
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Ana said...

Glad to see you back!

Donna Seger said...

Nice to have the links back and to be included among them!

jacqueline | the hourglass files said...

Thank you for including me in the roundup!

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