Sunday, August 12, 2012

Breakfast Links: Week of August 6, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012
This week's Breakfast Links may be a day late, but they're still packed with our favorite links of the week via Twitter, including links to other blogs, web sites, photos, and articles you don't want to miss.
• In search of Edgar Allen Poe in NYC.
• The Lady Mayoress of London Mrs. Fanshawe's Spitalfields Silk Dress, 1750.
• Wizards and warriors: the 12th c. chessmen who inspired Harry Potter.
• Video of Henry VIII's foot combat armour for the Field of Cloth of Gold tournament.
• Too big for any museum, quilt in memory of 25 years of AIDS victims goes digital.
• Forgotten stories of thousands of women who fought in the Civil War.
Food to die for: food preparation in the Georgian Era.
• Top hats and Victorian Speedos at the Brighton Swimming Club, 1863.
• Abigail Adams comments (disapprovingly, of course) on the original Learned Pig, 1785.
• Like a page from Dickens, an 1856 NYC asylum worked children to save them from being "drones & beggars."
Marilyn Monroe died 50 years ago this week; photos from her last days.
• When paper was scarce, invitations were printed on the backs of old playing cards: 18th c examples.
• "I'd marry the Devil, if he'd £10,000 a year!" Fortune hunting & flirting, 1860s.
• An adventure at Ranelagh: Edwardians dressed as Georgians.
• Earliest known usage of "OMG" in a letter to Winston Churchill, 1917.
• Important sculpture of tragic Dolly Sisters, icons of the Jazz Age.
• Finding the scattered parts of lost London Bridge.
• When octogenarian sex made the papers, 1800.
Lingerie dresses of the Edwardian Era.
• This week in 1812: Lady Caroline Lamb disappears, and Byron writes his good-bye letter.
• John Gould's hummingbirds: a Victorian obsession.
• Strange tales of a near-naked man in 18th c Leicestershire.
• On the front line of American history: remarkable photos of camp life during the Civil War.
• Archaeologists discover 1000-year-old hyper-caffeinated tea in Illinois.
• Married at age 2, widow at 10, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire at 22: Bianaca Maria Sforza (1472-1510).
• A cat of a different breed: Holly Golightly's costumes in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
• Victorian tradesmen scraps.
• This week in 1711, Royal Ascot racecourse was opened.
Mourning in England and America.
• Raise your glass to a good, gross king: George IV.
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Tom Miller said...

thanks for the nod!

Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum said...

Thank you for including our post on Edwardian lingerie dresses! Love your blog!

Ana said...

OMG that early and addressed to such a person? Wow!

nightsmusic said...

Great links this week! I think the Civil War women is very poignant really. The other links were great, but for the record, I've always thought Marilyn Monroe was murdered.

Donna said...

Thanks again, ladies, for including me again in your influential list of links: you are performing a valuable service for lonely bloggers!

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