Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion: Our Latest Pinterest Boards

Sunday, June 10, 2012
As much as we try to pack in lots of interesting historical drawings, paintings, and photographs here on the blog, there's still much more that we've never been able to share - until we discovered Pinterest, that is.

Have you ever wondered what fashionable creations Loretta's 1830s dressmakers were stitching in Silk for Scandal? Are you curious about which 18th c London town house inspired Isabella for When You Wish Upon a Duke? On our constantly updated (we can't help ourselves) Pinterest site, you'll discover boards devoted to "illustrating" our latest books. You'll also find other boards filled with everything from paintings of the Vauxhall pleasure gardens to Thomas Rowlandson cartoons, 18th c shoes to 19th c corsets, wedding dresses of every era to Queen Victoria's famous white wedding. We'll even show you what we'd keep in our jewel box if price and history were no object (and if HRH Queen Elizabeth wouldn't mind sharing a few diamonds from her own collection.) Please come check us out here, or better yet, follow us on Pinterest at TwoNerdyHistoryGirls*** (and yes, those asterisks are part of our "address.:)


Vintage Maison said...

I've just discovered Pinterest too - it is SO addictive! I'll be seeing you there...

Elissa said...

I'm soo lovin this blog...I'm a fellow nerdy history girl! SO much so I spend most my (and husband's) money traveling to Paris and indulging in masked balls and crazy goose chases to various chateaux. Your pinterest boards a fab too!
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