Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Video: The Violinist's Reply

Friday, June 22, 2012

Isabella/Susan reporting:

This video isn't new, but it deserves another round of viewers. One of the greatest plagues of modern life is the un-muted cell-phone, ringing away where and when it shouldn't. Weddings, libraries, funerals, 'quiet cars' - we've all heard it. But while the rest of us must be content with furious glares at the offender, Lukas Kmit, the violinist in this video, displayed a much more original way to cope with a ringing phone. This performance was recorded in the Orthodox Jewish Synagogue in Presov Slovakia earlier this year.


Susan Stessin Cohn said...

I love this!!!- Whenever I give a presentation, there is always one person who forgets to turn off their phone. It often frazzles me. How creative of this violinist to turn a very rude moment into his performance!

Laura said...

How clever of him! And instead of everyone getting mad everyone got to laugh!

Myralee Voots said...

I love this, too. However, I think that he is playing a viola, not a violin. (Yes, I am nitpicking! Sorry! AND, I've been known to be wrong!!!)

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is awesome! I have to share this, lol! Ringing cellphones in the middle of anything annoys me SO much! Grrr!

Julia said...

What a sweet, fantastic reaction by the artist, who really would have been within his rights to be annoyed.
Though I can have some compassion for the cell phone owner, too. It's not entirely impossible for me to be harebrained enough to forget a cell phone, and I know I'd die of embarrassment.
Of course, if someone in such a situation (or quiet car, funeral, the likes) has the immortal nerve to answer the call, I can only hope he/she/it gets struck by lightening.

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