Saturday, June 16, 2012

Breakfast Links: Week of June 11, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012
Mysterious watercolors of a Georgian lady: the secret world of Marianne Rush.
• New twist on street-style photography: NYC subway riders and what they're reading.
• Bacon-shaped jelly, fake maggots, & other historical culinary slapstick.
• Very young Coco Chanel in 1909, with delightfully plaited bun.
• Lovely story for June: one wedding dress worn by seven brides in three generations.
• Salem, MA justly proud of replica of 1797 East Indiaman.
• Pit lasses: the truth about Britain's early female coal miners.
• Bricklaying adultery, and bizarre love triangles: all part of the fortunes & misfortunes of young Ben Jonson.
• More news on those Jane Austen "portraits."
• Confession of Charles I's executioner, rewarded with a stuck orange & a hankie for killing the king.
• Astonishing range of photographs of 19th c Americans on this tumblr.
• Beautiful 1876 corset embroidered with symbols of well-being and prosperity.
• From Quacks to Quaaludes: Three Centuries of Drug Advertising.
• Can you help identify portraits of unknown children found on Civil War battlefields?
• Awesome find: Victoria's mourning dress, complete to the shoes.
• History myth-busting, or eBay buyers beware: No real proof for "Suffragette Jewelry" with secret message.
• "Sallied forth in you drawers": Fascinating thoughts & images regarding Irish national dress.
• "Vaselinos": How Valentino changed the way Americans thought about sex.
• Discovering an 18th c female shoemaker in Boston.
• The unnatural history of the Dixie Cup.
• Strawberry season: 18th c recipe for Strawberry Fritters, plus version for modern cooks to try.
• "She seemed to realize...the intense loneliness of her lot": 19th c working children.
• Playing the now-forgotten game of Pope Joan in Georgian England.
• Early evidence of reading glasses found imprinted into medieval book.
• The haunting beauty of the Palladian Bridge at Prior Park, Bath.
• The seven plagues of the ancient Roman dweller.


Donna Seger said...

I love to be included in your weekly list, but even more than than--I love all your links! Each and every one is so interesting. Thanks again, ladies.

Ana said...

The article on Marianne Rush is so amazingly original in its way of presentation!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful - please keep us posted on future articles about her.
I'd love to see where the story takes us.

vintagevisions27 said...

Thank you for including my post about Elizabeth Shaw and her shoemaking business in Boston.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Another great sampling! Thanks

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