Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of June 13, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday than with our latest collection of Breakfast Links? We’re offering the freshest gathering of the Twitterverse, from an Edwardian servant’s day to Mod Queen Mary Quant to a video tour of Chatsworth, the country home of the Duke of Devonshire. 
 Weary of ebooks? Check out this rare 16th c book, with notes in the margins by its owner Ben Jonson:
An 18th c cook's link to modern American cookouts: Hannah Glasse's Connection to the Hamburger:
• The ancient Knollys Rose Ceremony takes place this morning near the Tower of London
• Van Dyck paintings unearthed by saleroom sleuth Philip Mould
• Downloading like mad! British Library puts 1000 books from 19thC collection onto free iPad app:
• History of the ampersand, a typographic underdog:
• Avoiding avoirdupois: 1932 video reel with exercises to keep women slim
• Warm enough for an 18th c Muscadine Ice? Georgian ices & Victorian Bombes:
• The gorgeous Debbie Reynolds auction catalog available for pdf download:
• The amazing jewelled skeletons of Europe
• No idle hands in this household. Ever. General Servant's Time-Table
• Things to do in 1776
• Sling-back, platform sandals, Shaftsbury Shoes Ltd., 1940s, via Victoria and Albert Museum
• Patent medicine receipts at Civil War Medicine blog:
• Sad list of necessities for Georgian mourning: Mourning for Mary, 1799
• To talke in the darke :Life of John Florio: Italian Language Master & Contemporary of Shakespeare
• Mary Quant: Mod Chelsea Girl
• Off to the beach in 1760s, with mixed results:To Brighton, to swim in the sea:
• Smell & taste the food of historic Old Salem - Recipe for Old Salem Moravian Gingerbread -
• Wonderful Chatsworth video for a vitural visit: Take a peek at some of the highlights of the house:


Carey said...

I love the British library app! I have already spent way too much time looking through it. The geology section is fantastic.

I get to combine my two passions Geology and history!!

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