Monday, May 2, 2011

Walking Dress for May 1814

Monday, May 2, 2011
Loretta reports:

This one struck me as a particularly charming concoction.  It must be my weakness for lace.  Am I the only one who swooned over the sleeves of the Duchess of Cambridge's bridal dress?  And that veil!

A high dress, of short walking length, composed of French cambric or mull muslin, plain buttons, and unornamented in the front; a military collar, with an edging of embroidery ; a full fan frill of lace, or a single fluted ruff of the same; the bottom of the dress ornamented with a full flounce, confined by two, borders of embroidery corresponding with the collar; plain long sleeve, with a military worked cuff. White silk shawl handkerchief, the corners richly embossed with the fleur delis, tied carelessly over the bosom with a bow of satin ribband. The hair worn much over the face in loose curls. The Blücher, something resembling the Spanish hat, has a square and low crown, is formed of sea-green satin, lined with white velvet, and trimmed with richly cut velvet ribband: it is ornamented in front with a drooping plume of ostrich feathers. The scarf mantle, corresponding in colour with the Blücher, is composed either of velvet or satin, has neither cape nor hood; it is rounded at one end, and brought to a point at the other, with a deep long slope in the neck, and is trimmed all round with a broad white lace. Slippers of green kid: gloves to correspond, or Limerick.

—Rudolph Ackermann, The Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions and politics,  1814 (May).


emala said...

Siempre es gratificante pasar por este sitio. Es muy provechosa su información. Gracias

Anonymous said...

What I find interesting about this outfit is the fleur de lis of the Bourbons and the hat of Bluecher ( German general). This dress would have been one of the first put out for the summer of Celebration that followed what many believed was the end of Napoleon's dream of conquest.
Fashions of the day often included hats, shawls, and other items or details named for some one or event in the news.

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