Friday, May 6, 2011

How to dance Regency style

Friday, May 6, 2011
Loretta reports:

During the early 19th century, gently-bred maidens were closely chaperoned.  This didn’t mean they had no chance for private conversations with gentlemen, but the opportunities were extremely limited.  Dancing was one method.

About halfway through this video clip is a fine example of a private conversation in a crowd.  (It continues in Episode 2 Part 5/6.)

Every time I watch this (and yes, it’s been many times), I marvel at Darcy and Elizabeth’s being able to talk while not missing their steps—and this was only one of many dances they would have to know.

And what, exactly, were the dances?  You’ll find the answers here at Regency Dances Org.


nightsmusic said...

I would truly love to learn those dances, but there's no place around here to teach them and I don't have enough feet to follow the animations at regencydances ;o)

That said, it is definitely a wonder anyone had any conversation at all! But they managed.

Diane Donald said...

nightsmusic should look for English Country Dance classes. I learned that dance (Farmer Bevridge's Maggott) from Pride and Prejuide at my very first class, and I've loved it ever since. It does get easier to have conversations as you learn and practice the dances, and there are ECD classes (and regency balls) all over the place. Similar to square dancing, there are dance figures to learn that are then combined into many dances, and once you get more comfortable with them the dances fall into place. :)

Sanna K said...

We actually danced this dance at the last event I attended! It's called Mr. Beveridges Maggot, isn't it? I think it oringinates from the 17th century, if I remember correctly..

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