Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger Shenanigans

Saturday, May 14, 2011
As much as we like exploring the past, there are times when modern life rudely intrudes, and that's what happened from early Thursday morning well into Friday.

This blog (and zillions of others) are posted via Blogger, and what apparently began as the dreaded "routine maintenance" for Blogger blossomed into something far worse. We don't begin to understand the technical explanations, but we do know that we couldn't post and you couldn't comment, that links went dead and followers were sent older posts in their morning mail.

Fortunately everything now seems to be back as it should be, and we're sorry for any confusion caused by the Blogger meltdown. We like to think that this drawing of famous Regency entertainer Joseph Grimaldi, left, pretty much sums up what must have happened somewhere deep in tech-land late Wednesday night.

Left: Joseph Grimaldi as Clown Joey, 1820


Cynthia Griffith said...

It really took me off guard -- even though I have an account here, I only use it for replying and following people (my blog is a self-hosted WordPress site). It was sooooo quiet, and I can only imagine all the disruption it caused. :( And of course it had to happen during the week I was updating my blog a lot! I bet a lot of people will be playing catch up for a while!

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

It WAS oddly quiet - though being unable to post was a bit like having a surprise snow day. Yay! No blog-writing today!

Still, reading the official explanation of "anomalies" made me think of things paranormal. Was Blogger possessed by unhappy spirits?

Nah, we'll stick with the bottle-toting Regency clown....:)

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