Saturday, May 28, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of May 23, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011
Since this is a holiday weekend for many of you, we're serving up our Breakfast Links a bit early so you can enjoy them at a more leisurely pace. Lots to explore here in our customary collection of historical this-and-that, gathered up from other web sites, blogs, and news stories from around the Twitterverse. Please enjoy!

In honor of Queen Victoria's birthday this week - a rare photo of Her Majesty smiling:
A stylish grate at Fairfax House was key to keeping Georgian Englishmen warm.
• Love plaid? So did these guys:
• The full list of England's historic buildings is now online & fully searchable - a fantastic resource!
• Love this "futuristic mechanised toilette": An 1899 view of female cosmetics in year 2000.
• A five-guinea gold coin in your pocket? That's substantial jingle, even in 1791:
• Robert Louis Stevenson gets revenge on sneaky literary agent 120 years later :
• If the Founding Fathers wanted to visit Body Worlds. . .
• Shades of purple & plum: Check out this elegant 2-piece Worth dress c.1890
• Colorful names for questionable meals; food aboard ship c 1820
• Buckingham Palace and State Banquets
• Eerie - yet formal - display of children's clothes from the windows of Lord & Taylor, NYC, 1935:
• Jane Austen Film Locations: The Hunsford Rectory,BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice:
• ‘The Somnambulist' by Pre-Raphaelite J.E.Millais on the auction block; did it inspire Wilkie Collins?
• The Bearded Lady:The Legend of Saint Wilgefortis
• On this day in 1969, John & Yoko launch their bed-in wearing Le Ch√Ęteau jumpsuits:
• A conversation and a game of tennis from an Elizabethan English/Italian phrasebook:
• Go Baroque! Create your own 17th century still life:
• 18th Century Umbrellas:
• Show to every kid who complains how bored he/she is: American Child Labour c.1900-1937
• Wickedly delicious: 'Sinners Grand Tour':10 sexy places the guidebooks won't tell you about


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