Saturday, September 22, 2012

Breakfast Links: Week of September 17, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012
Here's  your weekly offering of Breakfast Links – our favorite links of the week via Twitter, including links to other blogs, videos, web sites, photos, and articles you don't want to miss.
• The mystery of author Conan Doyle - why did he believe in the supernatural?
• First, Best, and Only - the cousins of history myths.
• Fabulous photos of lost 19th c Glasgow.
• The flower tansy, which has a history as a medieval culinary herb.
• The great New England vampire panic: 200 years after Salem witch trials, farmers became convinced the dead were returning as vampires.
• Hilariously offensive Tab commercial from the 1960s.
• A glimpse into Buster Keaton's recently restored c. 1920s estate in Los Angeles.
• The splendor (and chaos) of George III's Coronation Day, 1761.
Molly Kool (1916-2009), first certified North American female sea captain.
• A 17th c. warning: don't refuse a witch an apple or you might vomit pins and spoons.
• Drink and prostitution: the Belle Epoque Hooters.
• Montgolfier brothers send wooly and feathered test pilots into sky as Louis XVI watches.
• Re-tracing the steps of a Civil War photographer: Alexander Gardner at Antietam.
• Video of a 1960s invention: the pig swing.
• This is fun, but harder than you think: try to dress the Victorian lady in the correct order.
• The costs of living abroad in London, 1911.
• A minister in colonial America tries to fend off irate women by quoting Latin. And how does that go?
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, First Lady.
• A phaeton in 1804: a delightful description.
Shocking photos by L.W. Hine of women & children working at home in early 1900s.
• The undertaker's bill, 1780. Ever wondered what those pall bearers cost?
• A criminal "fiend" decorates his 1889 NYC building with demons.
• Ten famed literary characters based on real-life people.
• How do you pin a corsage on a strapless gown? Beautiful 1950s evening gown.
• The deadliest poisons in history (and why people stopped using them.)
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Susan Ozmore said...

Thanks for including Molly Kool in your links. You're already in my blogroll. Love your blog. :-)

nightsmusic said...

Today was definitely a day for losing myself in the breakfast links and these did not disappoint. I think my favorite, (and yes, I know it's shallow) was the strapless gown. Beautiful! And it reminded me a bit of the black and white ensemble Grace Kelly wears in Rear Window.

I really got sidetracked though with all the youtube videos and one leading to another and another get the idea ;o)


Betsy Greer said...

Whoa. That Tab ad is pretty darn offensive. But then again, when the best slogan your ad company can come up with is, "Be a mind sticker," it's a wonder if ever aired at all! Yikes!!

KWillow said...

Interesting about Conan Doyle! I've read a lot of persons (especially in England) became involved in supernatural investigations -seances, ouija boards, reincarnation and such- after WWI/Flu epidemic and the incredible death toll they caused. People simply could not deal with so much meaningless death of loved ones.

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Great collection, as usual. I especially liked the "Dress a Victorian" site. I'm doing a rewrite of an MG novel set in the Victorian era, and this is actually quite helpful! Thanks!

I liked the one about Conan Doyle, too. I was just reading a book about him.

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Glad everyone enjoyed these! It's a weekly challenge, narrowing them down - there's so much great nerdy history *stuff* out there in the Twitterverse.

For the record: I did really, really badly on the Dress the Victorian Lady challenge. Obviously I'm meant to stay in an earlier time period!

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