Saturday, August 4, 2012

Breakfast Links: Week of July 30, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012
After a fortnight's sick leave, the Breakfast Links are back! A fresh serving of our favorite links of the week via Twitter, leading you to other blogs, web sites, articles, and pictures you don't want to miss.
• Clapboard Castles: Grand old hotels by the sea.
• More on medieval bras - new details on rare 15th c find.
• Why the letter Z is associated with sleep.
• A glass, c 1762-75, that commemorates the birth of George IV.
• 'A commodious Mansion, or rather Maisonette': Heathfield House, 1816, Oxfordshire - now a steal for £20,000,000!
Akin to Jane Austen: filling in the branches of the Austen family tree.
• Flashback to the '80s! MTV's House of Style now online.
• Queen Victoria's riding jacket, on display at Kensington Palace.
• A cacophony of color: glorious photos of stained glass through the ages.
• Novelty, simplicity, buoyancy, and pliancy: "Victoria Inflated Skirt", 1857.
Sherlock Holmes and his tools of deduction.
• Percy Bysshe Shelley frets about information 1821.
• Refreshing Orange Creams: 18th c dessert recipe, plus modern version and how-to video.
Lake Forest, IL: where Daisy Buchanan lived.
• Sweet Child of Mind: to celebrate chef Julia Child's 100th birthday, watch this delightful video of her "greatest hits."
• DIY: Making 18th c vinegar.
• How advertisers convinced Americans they smelled bad.
Edwardian gardens at Nymans, West Sussex.
• Almost unbearably melancholy photos of fading Italian villas.
• Women's work is never done: women's role in the white lead industry.
• Surf's up! Women's bathing suits from the 1950s.
• "Bedstead bloomers, Jack the wrong man, Mr. Ferguson, and where the Irishman hid his shilling": 19th c criminal slang.
Sex education for women, 1802.
• How Percy Bysshe Shelley celebrated his wife Harriet's birthday August 1, 1812.
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Ana said...

Glad to see you back!

Donna Seger said...

Nice to have the links back and to be included among them!

Jacqueline said...

Thank you for including me in the roundup!

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