Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fashions for April 1836

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
April 1836 Morning & Evening fashions
Loretta reports:

Those who are sick to death of or never warmed up to the gigantic sleeves of the first half of the 1830s will be relieved to learn that sleeves started to show signs of shrinking in the spring of 1836.

During January 1836, we still saw huge sleeves in evening as well as day wear.

By April, fashion is in a transitional phase: The day fashions still boast big sleeves, but evening dresses’ sleeves are starting to be gathered and buckled in or simply streamlined. Not all of them, but it’s a clear trend. I chose this plate, out of the five the World of Fashion and Continental Feuilletons offered for April, because it so clearly shows the contrast. While big sleeves don’t disappear altogether in 1836, they’re dropping lower, and retained mainly for daytime. Outerwear continues voluminous, but the days of big sleeves, clearly, are numbered.
April 1836 fashion description

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Regencyresearcher said...

The more I read about fashion-- yesterday'S or today's, the more I wonder who thinks up these things and why? What was the purpose of the large sleeves? Some of the fashions seem to be putting women in cages and others to make them inactive-- Many fashions are not attractive-- I have seen few women who look good in the stiletto heels and short skirts.
I have also noticed how some fashions repeat. Skirts were very short in 1962=-- jeans had holes in them ( a new fashion then) in around early 1980's-( or that was when it came to my attention
I haven't seen a return to the Georgian or Victorian cages women wore but small hoops were fashionable in mid 1950's.
I wonder if the fashion designers and all the women know that men have been attracted to women even when hey were dressed in rags and shapeless garments.

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