Friday, April 8, 2016

2NHG Historical Myth Busters in Burlington, Massachusetts!

Friday, April 8, 2016
W.Heath, Waist & Extravagance 1830
Loretta & Isabella report:

If you’ve been reading this blog fairly regularly, you’re aware that our research has contradicted some cherished beliefs about history. Over time, we’ve learned that many of the historical facts we’ve heard forever may be only partly true, or true with qualifications, or not actually connected to reality as we know it.

Some of these exaggerations, distortions, and fairy tales were perpetrated by Victorians, but not all.  Sometimes caricatures mislead us. Sometimes, too, the enemy are us: We might make assumptions about our ancestors that Ain’t Necessarily So.

We 2NHGs come upon these assumptions/myths fairly often in social media, and of course we post blogs about them. But then we got the bright idea of taking our show on the road—this once at least.

The occasion is the New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America Annual Conference, where we’ll be offering a workshop for conference attendees about a few of the many persistent historical myths.

(We’ll also be signing books at the Book Fair for Literacy.)

Workshop: Is It True? The Two Nerdy History Girls Bust a Historical Myth or Two
NEC/RWA 2016 Conference

Conference dates: 29-30 April 2016

Boston Marriott
One Burlington Mall Road
Burlington MA 01803


Lil Marek said...

It sounds like fun, and I wish I could attend. I hope you mention something about those scones people are always eating in Georgian and Regency stories!

Yve said...

Lil Marek - if the story is set in Britain, then yes, everyone ate scones and still do here! ;o) We love a scone with jam, cream and a cup of tea.... it's known as a "Cream Tea". You should try and catch a BBC show called The Great British Bake Off as earlier series have a lot of really interesting historical facts about Baked Goods.

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