Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday video: A Stately Home at War

Friday, March 20, 2015
Loretta reports:

As many of our readers are aware, a number of Great Britain’s stately homes were requisitioned for government use during WWII. 

Spetchley House is one of these.  Here's  a short, poignant video about its wartime experience. 

Photo of Spetchley House by Philip Halling.

Readers who receive our blog via email might see a rectangle, square, or nothing where the video ought to be.  To watch the video, please click on the title to this post.


Anonymous said...

I am new to your Blog and I am so enjoying it. Since I was born in 1937, I was around while this was going on. I can't believe that it took me to age 78 to realize this for I have long admired the "Stately Homes". I do tend to skim along the surface of life, and thank you for finding a way to share so much with so many. Gwen

Gloria said...

Once again a blog bringing us back into a time so important to our lives. I was a little younger tnan this woman when I was home in our NY apartment worried about my father out patrolling the darkened streets as an Air Raid Warden. Two worlds.

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