Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Advertising for a Wife in 1835

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
1835 Bridal Dress

Loretta reports:

Some time ago I posted a letter from 1810 whose author deplored at some length and with great vehemence the practice of advertising for a spouse .

Apparently, nobody paid attention because, 25 years later, they were still at it.

Advertisement from Court Journal, 12 December 1835

Bridal Dress, from May 1835 Ladies’ Cabinet of Fashion, courtesy Los Angeles Public Library, Casey Fashion Plates Collection

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Anonymous said...

Women who answered such advertisements then , as now, took a great risk. Those who went out west in the USA as a mail order bride also took a risk. Today we read of peopel being killed after answering such ads-- I wonder if it was any safer then.
What of the women who went out to India to get a husband among the East India workers and others. Usually, there was no shortage of applicants as husband there or in Australia.
I wonder how many of the women were desperate and how many jsut wanted the excitement and adventure?

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