Thursday, March 19, 2015

Because Who Doesn't Love Nerdy History Newlyweds?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Isabella reporting,

As I've mentioned before, I'm spending this week in Colonial Williamsburg. I was visiting with the mantua-makers upstairs in their shop when I was summoned downstairs to meet a pair of special visitors. This is Laura and Sam Barnett from Birmingham, Alabama, just married, and visiting Colonial Williamsburg on their honeymoon. Laura told tailor Mark Hutter that she had especially wanted to visit the Margaret Hunter shop after seeing it featured so often right here on The Two Nerdy History Girls. Much mutual excitement all around at this unexpected coincidence! As Loretta and I have said before, we're always thrilled to meet fellow Nerdy History Folk, but I think Laura and Sam were our first Nerdy History Newlyweds. We wish them all the very best, and a long, happy life together. Huzzah!


DSG said...

Lovely! My husband and I went to Williamsburg on our honeymoon almost 32 years ago. We should try to get back there- I'm sure there are lots of new things since 1983!

Ana said...

Aw, best wishes!

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