Saturday, January 17, 2015

Breakfast Links: Week of January 12, 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Ready for your weekend browsing pleasure - our weekly round-up of our favorite links to other web sites, blogs, articles, and images, gathered for you via Twitter.
• Fagin's children: mugshots of Victorian child criminals.
• A fairy-tale wedding for a star-crossed wartime romance with a "war husband", 1946
• How to flirt with a book: 18th c. ladies reading.
• Do you know the proper length of an early 20th c. court presentation gown?
Image: Detail, early 19th c. embroidered chenille garter with metal clasp.
• Vintage photos of the dogs of Old London.
• "The funeral of Mrs. Potato": a roundup of World War One recipes.
• Knitted cap & stockings: rare survivors of everyday clothing from an 18th c. shipwreck.
• Intense Flickr collection of vintage Do Not Disturb signs.
Image: Charles Dickens' directions for his own funeral.
• A purse with a camel? Charming 19th c. souvenir from Turkey.
• Effectively terrifying, potentially lethal: sensation-made Parisians and their X-ray spook parties, 1897.
• An evolution of the intriguing, fashionable ruff throughout the 1500s.
• The great department stores of Edwardian Edinburgh.
• The truth behind a longstanding myth: immigrant surnames were not changed at Ellis Island.
Image: The Codex Rotundus, a Flemish book of hours just nine centimeters across, c. 1480.
• Lost in the (chain) mail: details of a medieval craft.
• The tiny album of a "fairy wedding": the albumen prints of Tom Thumb & Lavinia Warren, 1863.
• Reconstructing the perfect 18th c. dessert.
• French trading cards from 1902 imaging women of the future.
• Here's what NYC women were wearing on their feet in the winter of 1900.
Image: A 14th c. ivory panel showing Arthurian scenes: Lancelot on sword bridge, Gawein fighting lion.
• Charms, chains, and bracelets: why Queen Victoria's taste in sentimental jewelry is still popular today.
• Women in 18th c. English politics: the 1784 election.
• Would you have been considered beautiful in the ancient world?
• A lonely Englishman in India pines for the simple life back home, 1821.
• Fancy a pint? Flickr collection of vintage photographs of old UK pubs and inns.
• Five medical innovations from the American Civil War.
Image: This beautiful c. 1770s hat was made for Barry Lyndon, and later also was used in Marie Antoinette.
• Collection of stunning wrought-iron Victorian carriages to be sold with an estimate of £1.5 million.
• Goose, cabbage, & cucumber time: 18th c. tailor's slang.
• Twenty-five of the most majestic libraries in the world.
Image: 18th c. Japanese print by Suzuki Harunobu of children building a snow-lion.
• Fascinating collection of early fashion and trade cards.
• Just for fun: best Tina Fey joke from the Golden Globes ceremony.
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Chris Woodyard said...

Oh, that fairy wedding book and tiny book of hours! Great posts on court costume, Civil War medicine innovations, and Victoria's charm bracelets. Mrs Daffodil sends her thanks for including the X-ray Spook parties!

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