Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A barouche for 1820

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Loretta reports:

Those who’ve read Pride & Prejudice may recall Lady Catherine’s offering to take Elizabeth partway home in her barouche.

The one illustrated is a somewhat more modern version of Lady Catherine’s vehicle, but the overall principles remain the same.  Here you can see a barouche in recent use.You can find out more about the Russian Droschki mentioned here.
Barouche description

Images from January 1820 Ackermann's Repository, courtesy Philadelphia Museum of Art, via Internet Archive.

Clicking on the image will enlarge it.  Clicking on the caption will allow you to read at the source, where you can learn more and enlarge images as needed.


Lauriana said...

That's a coincidence: I was watching the BBC miniseries of 'Sense and sensibility' last week, in which Edward Ferrars tells Elinor his sister wants him to be 'someone grand, driving around in a barouche. And of course, I didn't actually know what the thing looked like.

Entspinster said...

No offense, but I'm pretty sure that Harry is not "Prince of Wales"-- William has that all to himself.

LorettaChase said...

Erm, no, Entspinster. Their father, Prince Charles, is the Prince of Wales. I should have pointed out the error in the caption, though. Mea culpa.

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