Friday, June 14, 2013

Casual Friday: Esther Williams—a Tribute

Friday, June 14, 2013
Loretta reports:

Those who follow the blog know I’m fond of old movies, and probably know more music from the golden film era than is good for me.  (Fred Astaire anyone?  Or how about Carmen Miranda?)

Esther Williams, who died last week, wasn’t known for her dancing or singing (as she notes in video clip below).  She was an athlete, and her artistry in the water was truly amazing.

Here she is on dry land, on What's My Line.

And clicking on the link below will take you to what I felt was the best of the tributes at YouTube, but which refused to imbed in this post. 
Esther Williams Tribute. R.I.P.

Illustration: Pin-up photo of Esther Williams for the Oct. 12, 1945 issue of Yank, the Army Weekly, a weekly U.S. Army magazine fully staffed by enlisted men.
Date 12 October 1945.


Gloria said...

Since my mother believed that kindergarten was a waste of time, at five years old, I found myself on the subway into Manhattan on the way to the movies and often Esther Williams. This clip brought back so many memories.....

Deana Sidney said...

She really was a fine lady. When the war bumped her olympic chances she dusted herself off and got into the movies... she got synchronized swimming into the olympics! All the while, smiling with her eyes open in the water... how did she do that???

Anonymous said...

I remember reading her autobiography. It starts off with her talking about reading an article about Cary Grant taking LSD in therapy and how she later did it. Very interesting lady.

Mary Jo Burke said...

Very interesting lady, wet or dry.

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