Saturday, June 8, 2013

Breakfast Links: Week of June 3, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013
Served up fresh for your reading and web-surfing pleasure - our weekly roundup of fav links, featuring blog posts, articles, web sites, and photographs via Twitter.
Emily Dickinson and the science of poetry.
• "Slave sugar" and the boycott of 1791.
• The curious case of the virgin birth, 1921.
• Previously unknown letter from Robert the Bruce to King Edward II, 1310, found at British Library.
• Ten things to learn from loving Anne of Green Gables.
• Kitty Marion: Edwardian England's most dangerous woman.
• The kind of begging-letter from a teenager that every parent will recognize - although this one's 200 years old.
• Fascinating site: every aspect of London life in sound.
• Mary Kingsley, 19th c. pioneer explorer of West Africa.
• "Let a Lady of a meek Disposition beware of a very great Nose": advice to the ladies on choosing an agreeable husband, 1738
• NYC's Casino Theater introduced the Floradora girls to America in 1899, beginning a century-long chorus line craze.
• Medieval man with a cat AND a cat-hat, reading in a manuscript.
• So what if it's June? Studio portraits of Victorians pretending to tobaggan.
• Peep shows and raree boxes at the Dennis Severs House in London.
• "O Love, Remember Me": poignant embroidered picture from wife to husband beginning journey, 1875.
• "We shall love each other forever": Harriet Beecher Stowe's surprising friendship with Lord Byron's wife.
Fired puddings from Enlightenment Edinburgh.
Lord Byron sells Newstead Abbey - with a few loose ends.
• Where's the cat? Hiding in these 17th c. paintings.
• The lovely lady athletes of Belle Epoque France.
Tort de moy: a 17th c. dish fit for a king.
Dueling with death: how Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr teamed up to defend a New Yorker accused of murder, 1800.
• The shantytown: nineteenth century Manhattan's "straggling suburbs."
• For $52 million, you can by Coco Chanel's house.
• "I heard a rattle in the kitchen and saw she was washing it in the blooming sink."
• Fanny Eaton: the forgotten Pre-Raphaelite stunner.
• Entertaining idea for a blog: fashion a hundred years ago.
William Penn's truly loving letter to his wife before he leaves for the American colonies, 1682.
• Vintage photos of early versions of Alice in Wonderland.
• The first French winemakers learned everything they knew from the Etruscans.
• The water witch of Wyoming, and how dowsing works (or doesn't.)
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Deb said...

As always, an amazing compilation of tidbits - especially love, love, love the London Sound website, which I knew nothing of - thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying exploring this wonderful blog. There is lots of great information here. I'm honored that you included a link to Fashion a Hundred Years Ago in this week's Breakfast Links.

Anonymous said...

You are bad, bad!
Every Sunday (when I should be rewriting my own manuscript) I spend hours going here and there from your links.
They are too, too wonderful to ignore!
Here's something for you:
go to the Library of Congress site, check the store for their classic scarves, each printed with lines from classic books: Jane Austen, etc.

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