Friday, February 22, 2013

Casual Friday: A 1920s kitchen

Friday, February 22, 2013
Loretta reports:

I often find the behind-the-scenes rooms of a historic house at least as fascinating as the public rooms.  At the Edison and Ford Estates, I took a close look at the kitchen, as you can see.

You'll find the first post about this visit here.




Peggy said...

Exactly what I love to look at even when gazing at my daughters newest post of a valentine orchid I was looking at her crock pitchers and bowls and Puritan Canister set and bowls. I love it. Even in the 80's when I visited Biltmore in Asheville NC. I was interested in the KITCHEN must have been a maid in an earlier life. LOL Thank you for venue for my vice.

nightsmusic said...

You both know how close I live to Greenfield Village so I spend a lot of time at their Menlo Park area and it's so nice to see something bright and white! All of the Edison buildings I'm used to walking through are darker and wood interiors so this is a nice change.

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