Saturday, February 2, 2013

Breakfast Links: Week of January 28, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013
We're rounding out the month with a fresh serving of breakfast links: our favorite links to other blogs, web sites, articles, and pictures gathered from around the Twitterverse.
• "Whiskey was poured into boots to keep the firefighters' toes from icing up": An 1835 fire burns a quarter of New York City.
• Silk taffeta pelerine with cream and lavender checks. What is a pelerine, you ask?
Elizabeth Bennet, shirt stealer? (1796)
• Henry VIII's perfectly preserved wine cellar.
Women's Liberation activists remove their bras before the Wrigley Building, Chicago (and a crowd of leering men), 1969.
• Early 19th c. quilt includes an image of Queen Caroline, the ill-fated wife of the Prince Regent (George IV)
False teeth in the 18th century.
• Ermengarde de Beaumont, 12th c. medieval Queen of Scotland.
• Fascinating collection of vintage matchbooks.
The Art of Swimming, a 17th c. swimming manual.
• WWII War Paint: How bomber-jacket art emboldened our boys at war.
• A stop on a tour of medieval London: Chaucer's Aldgate.
• Views from long ago: non-portrait 19th c. daguerreotypes.
• Mixing your drinks: late 18th c. silver wine coolers in the shape of milk pails.
• 'Fantastic' is too mild a word: the pre-Depression movie theatre in Queens, NYC, that you will not believe.
• "Strive to realize your ideal, but accept defeat philosophically": advice to wives, 1909.
• James Hazen Hyde, a Gilded Age scandal.
• The fungus that caused medieval peasants to trip out and dance themselves to death.
• "To compound an excellent Sallet": healthy eating, 17th c. style.
• Summer memories of Girl Scouting in 1919, now online.
• A fashion plate, Paris, c. 1807: the ladies have met an "embarrassment of choice."
• Incredible story of fugitive slave who escapes in Virginia, sends himself to freedom in Liverpool in the post, 1850.
• Newly digitized collection of mid-19th c. paper dolls.
• The recipe collection of the Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici (1667-1743), the last Medici princess,
Jane McCrae (1752-1777), killed during the American Revolution.
Live music streaming in 1878! (or at least in this Punch cartoon.)
• Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, reunited.
• "A sadder if not a wiser man": transcribing the diary of a Civil War surgeon.


Ana said...

That movie theater is all kinds of awesome :O!

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Ana, it is - it truly IS unbelievable!

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