Saturday, November 24, 2012

Breakfast Links: Week of November 19, 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012
With the feasting behind us, we're back with your weekly offering of Breakfast Links. This week's links have a decidedly Thanksgiving flavor, but there's also plenty more gathered from Twitter, including blogs, web sites, photos, and articles you won't want to miss.
• This week in 1603, Sir Walter Ralegh stood trial for treason, & his eloquent defense made him a national hero.
• Evening glamour, 1922.
• What was on the Pilgrims' menu at the first Thanksgiving?
• Fantastic images from the Duke of Wellington's funeral, 1852.
• Revolutionary War General Israel Putnam was upset. His wife was upset. Cambridge officials were conciliatory. But why?
• The woman who became a witch-pricker in Scotland, 1662.
• Every day except Christmas: Covent Garden, London.
• The colorful story of an American locomotive that ended up on Exmoor.
Six myths about Thanksgiving revealed.
• More about that first Thanksgiving in Texas.
• This 1869 dressing gown is the perfect garment for Thanksgiving (or any) morning.
• The strangeness and splendor of Elizabethan "It" girls.
• NYC's grand Windsor Hotel burns on St. Patrick's Day 1899 in one of the city's most horrific disasters.
• Rich and satisfying Sippet Pudding - 18th c. recipe plus modern version.
• The game board King Charles I carried with him to the scaffold.
• Special bat refuges built into bridge after old roosting places filled in during repairs.
• A serial killer in the regiment? A curious Civil War hanging.
• How to cook a bird like Norma Jeane: Marilyn Monroe's handwritten turkey recipe.
• Early color photographs of Paris, 1914.
Lady Sarah Archer, definitely not winning "Mother of the Year."
Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) on her wedding day, 65 years ago this week.
• The UK's last typewriter produced - and promptly sent to a museum.
Dog in joyful air - "Lady Londonderry's Dog."
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curator said...

What a thrill to see "Lady Londonderry's Dog" in your list this week! (Though I really wish I hadn't written the post before my first cup of coffee. Shameful indulgence in commas.) Thank you both, and thanks for this great blog. I see all kinds of things here I wish I'd found myself!

Philip Wilkinson said...

A lovely selection as usual, and thank you for including my Covent Garden post among the Breakfast Links. The typewriter link got my nostalgia going. Like a lot of writers aged over 50, I cut my teeth on a manual typewriter - then someone told me that it was best to type with your fingers. (Sorry...)

nightsmusic said...

Great links this week. I still have a manual typewriter. Of course, it no longer works because though it's clean and the keys work, there is no ribbon anymore.

And wow, what a beautiful picture of Elizabeth!

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