Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breakfast Links: Week of November 12, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012
Fresh off the grill - your weekly offering of Breakfast Links! Our favorite links of the week via Twitter, including other blogs, web sites, photos, and articles you won't want to miss.
• Evocative photographs: the dinners (and dining halls) of Old London.
• Man finds his doppelganger in 16th c. Italian painting.
Medieval drugs: the drugstore in Paradise.
• Gilding the gingerbread, with 18th c. recipes.
Fashionable details make the woman, even in the Great Depression.
• Not all First Ladies have been married to the President.
• Secrets of a Hans Holbein portrait revealed after 400 years.
• It's that time of year: 19th c. nutting parties.
• Ebay find: an 18th c. love letter storage facility.
• Who needs the NHL? Ice hockey games held in ancient Roman amphitheater.
• Tricks from The English Horseman, 1607: "If you will have your horse fetch and carry a glove."
• Tick-tock: video of Elizabethan one-fingered lantern clock.
• Wonderful informal street photographs, 1906: An Englishman abroad: Sambourne in Holland.
• The Fox sisters and the rap on Spiritualism: how Spiritualism's founders faked their 'spirits.'
• For all your carrot information: the World Carrot Museum. Continuing the carroty theme: tiny bunny enjoying carrot.
Apothecaries and druggists in Georgian Birmingham.
• Calligraphic cats.
Industrial tourism, early 19th c. style: the silk mills of Overton and Whitchurch.
• Follow preparations for an 18th c. style Christmas masquerade at Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC.
• The shifting Lancaster sands & the dangers of 19th c. travel in the Lake Country.
Abraham Lincoln to Mary Owens: "It's not you, it's me."
• Opulent textiles from the California missions.
• Angry commuter, 1863: "People are so slow getting on and off the train."
• Men who battled boredom in church services by doodling on the 1575.
• Scandalous love-nest: a comely showgirl receives a New York mansion (or two) from millionaire George Gould.
• The ghost of the Panama Canal, 1908.
• The Drury Lane Theatre riot: the mob and Mr. Garrick.
• Brutal 1920s script rejection letter from company who made many of Chaplin's films.
• Diary of Confederate girl during Civil War: "Death seemed inevitable & I thought it was well to take it coolly."
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nightsmusic said...

Wonderful links this week, ladies! I loved the tiny bunny best though. They make great pets.

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't make it back here before the holiday.

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