Saturday, December 3, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of November 28, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Served up fresh: our weekly offering of Breakfast Links!  Our favorite links to other blogs, web sites, pictures, and articles, collected from around the Twitterverse.
Which version of this gown do you prefer? Emily Roebling's portrait: or the actual gown:
History of Tea in England & Her American Colonies -
"Blind House", Shrewton, Wilshire - an all-stone 18th c village lock-up (gaol):
Amazing new scans of Audubon's Birds of America: 
Benjamin Franklin shocks himself while trying to kill a turkey:
Vauxhall Gardens, two hundred and fifty years ago.
 Is it wrong to end a sentence with a preposition?
Dieting - not in the 1950s! Love these vintage 'Weight Gain' ads
Stubborn food myth: Native Americans taught 17th c Pilgrims how to pop corn:
Fashion curator Beatrice unpicks Cole Porter song & discovers a world of side-cars and brassières:
"The Measure of Man": Concise, useful history of the Doric Order:
• Medieval Women, Death, & the Sacraments:
1895: Don’ts for women bicycle riders |
Saving Captain Asgill: the fate of a young British soldier who crossed swords with George Washington – & needed Marie Antoinette to intercede:
Dinner delayed, or friends betrayed? Records get suspiciously sketchy for london dining club, 1694:
• Just launched: Millions of historical newspapers now available to search online at
A pair of pistols finally return to Dunster Castle – pistols date from the period of the Glorious Revolution:
John Rawlings 1940s color fashion photos *sigh!*
• On 1 December 1655, 22 yr old Samuel Pepys marries 15 yr old Elizabeth de St Michel: @HistoryToday
Trousered before his time? A Brummell myth debunked!
Who brought the Christmas tree into Britain? (hint: not Prince Albert)
Life Magazine explains how wives should undress in front of their husbands, 1937:
 Manuscript/transcription of “A Christmas Carol” & audio book now online:
Above: At Breakfast by Laurits Andersen Ring, 1898


nightsmusic said...

The Vauxhall Gardens illustrations are wonderful, but I didn't see one tiny little hand on a breast or up someone's dress in the Rowlandson. I'm almost disappointed! ;o)

And the newspaper archive is fantastic! Thank you.

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