Saturday, December 17, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of December 12, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011
Served up fresh: our weekly offering of Breakfast Links!  Our favorite links to other blogs, web sites, pictures, and articles, collected from around the Twitterverse.
• Could Arthur Conan Doyle draw a pig, blindfolded?
Take a look through Isaac Newton's college notebook, now on-line:
"Perils of perambulating young people": Teenagers take over a museum in 1922 (sounds like a modern mall)
Louisa May Alcott's Christmas Stories - "Bertie's Box" in real life:
• The Pitcairn-Putnam Pistols: magnificent 18th c Scottish pistols used in Rev. War  - but by whom?
Festive 1890s bodice w. holly & puffy puffy sleeves: 
Pictoral Walking Tour of the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago
Country House Amenities: Lighting with Candles:
Oh, the embroidery on this! A c. 1810-14 court suit owned by Austrian composer Johann Hummel.
Prints for a Different Parlor: late 19th c circular letter advertising "conjugal goods" of all kinds:
The astonishing collections of the National Trust are now searchable online:
Fake tan, hair dye, wrinkle filler, sun block,‘Gray-hairs dyed Black’: 17th Century beauty tips
At midnight, New Year's, millions of people will belt out "Auld Lang Syne" - but what does it mean?
1806 - Mogg Pocket Map of London (full page view & 'zoomable')
How Victorian strongman Eugen Sandow attached his fig leaf
Exciting Anne Boleyn portrait info – at last Anne has a “real” face!
Exactly how cold was that in 18th c? 'Froze the water in the chamber pot':
A history of whisky: the immortal dram & its historic links with our seasonal festivities
Rest ye merry, scared shepherds. The archaic language of Christmas:
• Lady Rachel Fane's 17th c syllabub & the proper glass for sipping it:
• Now on Sotheby's site: classic 'American Needlework Treasures' available as flip-book:
New blog from Jane Austen's House Museum – launched on Jane’s birthday this week: "Welcome"


Susan Bailey said...

Thanks for the mention (Bertie's Box)! These weekly breakfast links are amazing! Tremendous amount of work, great and fun resources. So glad I found this blog!

Chris Woodyard said...

Great selection! Love the pig drawings, the National Trust object search (down the rabbit hole, I fear) and, good gracious! the gentleman with the fig leaf.

nightsmusic said...

I finally made it through! Wonderful links this week. Thanks again. I always learn so much.

oink oink ;o)

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