Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The New Moon Motor Car for 1917

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Loretta reports:

Nearly 100 years after the Czar of Russia gave the Prince Regent a droschki, the motor car was becoming available to those who weren't massively wealthy.  This doesn't mean the cars were cheap, especially the ones known for high quality parts and construction.

I'd never heard of the Moon Motor Car until I happened on an enquiry in the local newspaper.  Naturally, nerdy historical sleuthing was in order—and you'll easily imagine my excitement at finding advertisements like this one in a WWI-era magazine.

In case you were wondering about monetary values:  According to dollartimes, "$1.00 in 1916 had the same buying power as $21.28 in 2011."  In today's dollars, therefore, the "New 1917 Six-66" was $33,516.

The World's Work, Volume 32, Advertisements for August 1916.


Pai said...

I also love looking through old archived magazines, and imagine my shock when I discovered that electric cars are not as new as many may think:

1911 Electric Car Ad

1916 Electric Car Ad

I know nothing about the companies that made these cars, I'd never heard of them before until I stumbled across these pages. Really fascinating stuff!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

This is great. I was surprised there were electric cars back then. WIP, the family buys a 1919 Ford Touring Car, but it runs on gasoline. This was amazing. Love all these things you dig up!

Isobel Carr said...

One of them there Ford touring vans,LOL! I have a thing for old cars (big surprise, I know). Growing up, one of the neighbors had a 1933 Auburn Boat tail roadster. I was in LOVE with that car. It was her engagement present from her husband (when it was new!). He'd driven up in it, dropped to one knee, held out the keys and asked her to be his. She’d said yes, and never owned any other car. *sigh*

LorettaChase said...

I, too, love these old cars. I especially love the moon hood ornament.

Thank you for the electric car links, Pai--I had no idea, either! Isobel, that car sounds wonderful. I had fantasies about a 1937 Cord.

Meanwhile, for your automotive amusement—in response to the post, this link came to us via Twitter:

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Another comment via Twitter, from @larousse1210, commented on the Moon's model number:

666? Devilish good looks!

Evangeline Holland said...

Electric cars were invented alongside gasoline powered cars. Early advertisement targeted ladies, as it was assumed they wanted and needed clean, quiet and gentle automobiles. Women buyers quickly upended this assumption by craving the speed and power of gas, and the electric car gradually faded into obscurity .

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