Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An elegant vehicle for August 1820

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Loretta reports:

In case you were wondering what sorts of gifts emperors gave kings, here’s an example—and another nice illustration of a Regency-era vehicle.

We inserted in our number for January last (p. 43)*, a notice of a gift received by his present Majesty from the Emperor of Germany: it consisted of a four-wheeled carriage, called a droschki,** with Ackermann's patent moveable axles.

The annexed engraving is made from a drawing of a vehicle in many respects similar, and also called a droschki, received by his Majesty very recently from the Emperor of Russia. The chief point of difference between this carriage and that sent by the Emperor of Germany is, that the former only accommodates one person in the body ; but the shape, as will be seen, is peculiarly elegant, and the whole is of the most excellent workmanship. It is to be remarked, that although carriages of this convenient description are rare in Great Britain, yet in Russia they are extremely common, and are used by all classes, from the Emperor himself down to the humblest citizen.
Ackermann’s Repository, 1820

*I searched in vain for this.  The first volume of Ackermann's for 1820 (Jan-June) isn’t yet up at Google Books. 

**Also spelled droitska, droshky.


Connie said...

You gals are amazing! I love to read the tidbits you come up with as I find them all fascinating. This carriage looks so frail. I don't want to use the word "flimsy" as it is certainly elegant. It doesn't appear capable of holding more than one person for stability if nothing else. Hopefully, the passenger would weigh more than the driver otherwise it looks as if it could tip forward. So beautiful though. It belongs in a museum. Thank you for researching this and sharing it.
Connie Fischer

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