Saturday, August 13, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of August 8, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

From American quilts to Marie Antoinette’s pet dogs to 1904 hair driers – you’ll find them all in this week’s serving of our favorite links to other blogs, web sites, & news stories, gathered for you from the Twitterverse.
A closer look at a 1770-80s French cotton sacque gown:
'The Goldfinch: the amazing Mrs Wilson (ca.1752-1787), actress and singer' -
• Explore one of the National Gallery's most beloved paintings, Vermeer's "Woman Holding a Balance,” through online tour:
• A Victorian arrives in 1860 Paris:
• Some stunning images of natural beauty, to emphasise why we need a robust planning system:
• Fantastic Ferragamo inspired snakeskin, white leather and cork wedge sandals, c. 1942
• 'Opening up the Dead: Autopsies and Dissections in Early Modern England':
Perhaps all those pease puddings were healthier than we thought?
• Wow, a hair dryer room in a women's gym - in 1904! What is this woman doing?!
• Exhibition of sport clothes, from mid-19th c-present: Sporting Life at FIT now has its own website:
• 300 years of American history preserved in textiles. Watch a video tour of the National Quilt Collection.
• Ascot is only racecourse in Britain still owned by the Crown, first officially opened 11 August 1711
• Marie Antoinette's dogs:
• Woodchucks don’t really chuck wood. They do, however, raid apple trees at The Cloisters:
• In 1891, Robert Louis Stevenson gave his birthday to a young girl:
• Female Artists with paintbrush in hand, or at least nearby, who were born in the 1600s -
• Now you can search across collection of Getty Museum & the Getty Research Library's
• Gauntlet for Left Hand, 1557
• Researching a Mourning Locket for Commander Robert Pouncy
• How Central Park's 19th c Sheepfold became the Tavern on the Green:


Vickie said...

I swear these get better every week. I hadn't heard that sad story about Marie Antoinette's poor little dog, and I didn't know the history about the Tavern on the Green either. Thank you ladies, you make my Sunday computer time much more interesting.

nightsmusic said...

The detail on the sacque gown is wonderful! I've always loved the look of the back with the train. So elegant. And those buttons! I can't imagine how long it took to make them.

Poor little Thisbe. A dog's loyalty should never be punished.

Lauren said...

It will take me a day to make it through all these great links! Thank you for compiling the list, and mentioning my pup post!

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