Saturday, July 9, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of July 4, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011
With Independence Day to begin the week, this selection of Breakfast Links has a definite patriotic flavor.  But you’ll also find everything from 16th c. armour to 20th c. suffragettes in our collection of noteworthy tidbits gathered from other blogs, web sites, and news stories from around the Twitterverse.
Amazing 360 degree view of the Royal Pavilion's Great Kitchen:
• Early 4th of July celebrations at the White House by Thomas Jefferson, others: U
A special treat on 18th c American dining tables (at least on George Washington's): robins!
• Modern myth that needs debunking:African-American quilts used as secret codes by slaves on 19th c Underground Railroad:
• They certainly don't look like dangerous criminals: Suffragette Surveillance, 1913 -
• Currier, Carrier, Cottager: Occupations of the past:
• Gold script, rich and complex interlace; a magnificent example of Ottonian illumination
• Some great seaside snapshots, taken in 1920s Ireland -
• These shoes are made for dancing - and for music hall performer Kitty Lord (1920s)
• An extraordinary French memento mori ivory rosary pendant, c.1500:
• The inkily dark history of the Parc des Buttes Chaumont:
• The Gilded Age lives on: A luxurious marble townhouse c1901 on NYC's Riverside Drive can be yours for $61.9 million!
• For the best-dressed 16th c warrior: Costume Armour, German, c.1525
• Much better than staring a computer screen on a summer day! Victorian ladies in fancy dresses go boating:
• Have you no scruples? Understanding your 18th c apothecary's prescription.
• The lunch counter as a vexed symbol in U.S. cultural history:
• A history of pie and mash - Londoners and their eel pies!
• Some wonderful images of Marie Antoinette's Chateau, the Petit Trianon 


Alena said...

What a great set of links! One of the joys of my Monday morning is your Sunday post. Thanks!


Jacolette said...

Hello Dublin. Thanks for looking at Jacolette and for including it in your links. All the best, Orla.

Edwardian girls, Dublin and Belfast

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