Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of July 11, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We’re thick in the middle of summer’s heat now, but we’re still dishing up a fresh serving of Breakfast Links for you. For your enjoyment, here’s our latest collection of links to blogs, web sites, pictures, and news stories gathered this week from the Twitterverse.
First-person account with details of travel, inns, & meals: A Journey to Bath, 1784.
• Photographic 'proof' of fairies in 19th c garden: The Cottingley Fairies -
• Story you probably don't know c 1859 about John Brown’s Body, Douglass, Emerson, & Thoreau via Am. Antiquarian Soc. :
• Even if you can't read the text, the pix are great! Badminton in Art:
• No “nice girl” wore these 19th c boots:
• A palatial mansion built for the ages that didn't last 50 years: Riverside House, 1906, NYC:
• Seeing inside antiques: Showing more strange & wonderful x-rays of objects at Knole:
• Pirate William Fly, much-admired by his peers, hanged in Massachusetts on 12 July 1726
• This extraordinary French Art Deco mural was executed for the ocean liner Normandie c 1934
• "The Man Monster": A seductive cross-dressing thief causes a furor in 19th c NYC:
• The Panorama: Georgian iMax
• "Married in fun & tied together in earnest", 1890:
• Navigate around London in 1827 by way of Greenwood's Map-
• Only one wall, but likely enough to haunt Charles Dickens: Marshalsea debtors' prison remains
• To cure the plague drink marigolds and treacle - the Plague in Shakespeare's England
• Elegant black & cream: Historic Dress of the Day: Emile Pingat, Ball Gown, c.1860, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
• The reverse of an C18th Australian convict love token shows a chained bird, symbolising a jail bird:
• 18th-Century American Women - Fashion - Classic & Turquerie Costumes -


nightsmusic said...

Wonderful links this week.

I want those boots, by the way. They're fabulous. And red! Perfect.

I love Sunday mornings with you. Nice way to spend my coffee time.

Tanya said...

Your Breakfast Links is the best part of my Sunday. My favorite blog this week is the one with the love-token from the transported criminal. Wonder if it was passed down in his honey's family?

Richard Foster said...

Entertaining and informative, as your blog always is. Thank you ladies.

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