Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ornamental Gardening for April 1819

Thursday, April 28, 2011
Loretta reports:

What every garden needs:  a lake, a bridge, a boat-house.

This design is intended as a means of approaching an island or a lake at the extremity of an estate, answering the double purpose of a bridge and a boat-house, and also a shelter from rain. The platform is inclosed by a parapet railing on one side for safety, but it is open on the other, for the convenience of taking boat, and for landing on its return.

It will be seen that this building is not intended for the complete protection of the boat even during the summer months, much less against the inclemencies of the winter season; but it is sufficient as its shelter from the sun and rain at its moorings during the daytime, when it is in readiness; and from this bridge it is easily and safely entered, as its side comes in immediate contact with the footpath. The construction of this building being very simple, the materials of which it is composed are intended to be of unwrought timbers; the supports being the trunks of unbarked trees, the arch of their tapered branches, and the walling of cleft logs, built in the manner of the rough walling of the Romans. The roof is of thatch, and the flooring of wood, covered by gravel, in continuation of the walk. As the garden at this spot would properly change its character to the wilder accompaniments of the lake, this building would assimilate with the, scenery, and please by its picturesque effect, well contrasting with the more elegant and polished objects of other parts of the plantations.

—Rudolph Ackermann, Repository of arts, literature, fashions &c, 1819 (April)


Jane O said...


Now if only I had a park with a lake (or even a pond) instead of a backyard with dandelions ...

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