Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Naughty aristocrats in Kensington Gardens

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Loretta reports:


Kensington Gardens, where monarchs once delighted to range, and breathe " sweet odours," has now become a sink of vice, filth, and infamy, nearly as bad as Vauxhall—that nursery of prostitution.

Some steps should be taken to purify this summer scene of guilt, Where every bush is made a brothel, and vice as notorious as the sun at noon day. The keepers are of no use ; they encourage the scenes they are ordered to prevent; and, for a bribe, will wink at the most horrible depravities.

'Tis but the other day, that a person observed a lady, the wife of a Member of Parliament, whom at present we will not name, go into the Marine Temple; (an edifice that ought to be destroyed) from motives of curiosity he followed. She was apparently sitting on one of the seats, and addressed him with " What do you want here? Go about your business; you impudent fellow," &c. He then discovered that she had a companion; and said,—"Oh! madam, I did not at first perceive you had got a gentleman behind you. I beg your pardon." He then bowed, and retried. The gentleman proved to be the Earl of B_____, a young and gallant nobleman. What he did behind the lady, we do not pretend to know; but this we know, that he had not any business there with his friend's wife. We shall say no more at present, as we have an intention of giving the tale to the world in a different form, with a plate of the interior of the Marine Temple, and the scene of the Lovers. We again repeat that this temple of debauchery ought to be destroyed, and the gardens closed, if nothing can be done to purge them of vice; for as they are, no woman who values her character will enter them.

The Rambler's magazine: or, Fashionable emporium of polite literature ..., Volume 2, 1823
Illustration: Thomas Rowlandson, Bills of Exchange, pub. by Rudolph Ackermann, 1800, oil on Canvas.  Courtesy WikiGallery.


Keith said...

That is how it should be now, as it is such a big fuss is made of it that an MP is forced to stand down. If it were all open, then there would be no opportunity for blackmail & therefore no need for an MP who has committed an indiscression to retire.

March 17th said...

Aside from really enjoying your posts and images I just LOVE your blog post titles ! Thanks ! x

Charles Bazalgette said...

I say! What a scurrilous rag! I wish they had started publishing it before 1822....

Susan said...

Oh I chuckled over this one. Talk about fodder for a romance novel...

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