Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1823 Evening Dress

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Loretta reports:

Nine years after Monday’s dress, the silhouette is still vertical, though less so, and a good deal more structured.  Alas, I could not find a March fashion plate in my 1820s Google sources (some accursed thief must have removed the plates from the originals).  Instead, I must offer you February.  Happily, the colors correspond to the previous dress.


POMEGRANATE-colour crèpe lisse dress; corsage to fit. The stomacher is composed of double rouleaus of satin, rather more than an inch apart, and is continued over the shoulder to the bottom of the waist behind, and is trimmed with fine blond, the same as the tucker. The band, or sash, is of crèpe lisse edged with satin, and the ends of the rosette trimmed with blond. The sleeve is formed of three rows of small festoons of crèpe lisse, edged with satin and blond. The skirt is decorated with an elegant net-work of pomegranate and white chenille, surmounted with a row of steel beads; a steel bead is introduced at each angle of the net: beneath is a tasteful trimming of crèpe lisse in double reversed plaitings, intersected with ornamented semicircles of satin, united by a circlet composed of four satin rouleaus, with a row of small steel beads between each; a broad satin rouleau at the bottom of the dress. The hair in very full curls, and a garland of deep and pale coloured roses. Ruby necklace, armlet, bracelets, and ear-rings. Long white kid gloves, and white satin shoes. Opera cloak of rich black satin, wadded, and lined with cerulean blue sarsnet, edged with a small rouleau of blue satin: it is made very long, and with arm-holes: plain collar and large hood, which draws with blue ribbon.

— Rudolph Ackermann, Repository of arts, literature, fashions &c., 1823


Jane O said...

Now there is an outfit to make a girl feel gorgeous!

Meg McNulty said...

Ah I love those descriptions. They're like reading a really tasty menu!

LorettaChase said...

I do agree--this is an especially delicious dress, and so lovingly described.

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