Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fashionable Coming Attractions

Thursday, March 10, 2011
Susan reporting:

Next week, we're trying something a bit different here at the blog. Think of it as a historical fashion mini-series. I'll be attending the "Costume Accessories: Head to Toe" symposium sponsored by Colonial Williamsburg and the Costume Society of America, and I'll be blogging each evening. Since the lecture and workshop topics will cover both men's and women's accessories (including hats, wigs, purses, handkerchiefs, muffs, pockets, stockings, jewelry, and, of course, shoes) from 1650 to 1850, there will be the proverbial embarrassment of riches for me to cover. And, as always, plenty of pictures! Look for my first post late Sunday evening.

Now, if you take a peek over to the right, you'll see we've also just posted the cover to Loretta's next historical romance, Silk is for Seduction, which will be released in July, 2011. In addition to Loretta's customary story-telling wonderfulness (I can say that not only as her friend, but as a die-hard Loretta Chase fan, too), the new book promises to be a special treat for all of us who love historical dress. The heroine is a brilliantly talented dressmaker in early 19th c. London, and I can't wait to see how many of the delicious fashion plates that Loretta has posted here on our blog will have found their way into her story. Check out Loretta's own blog for more details.

Above: Mantua-maker Sarah Woodyard displays 18th c. accessories for sale in the Margaret Hunter Shop, Colonial Williamsburg


Heather Lawrence said...

OMG! New Loretta Chase! Excellent cover. Can't wait!

Lo said...

Amazing, I just posted some pictures of Victorian hat illustrations on my blog

and then immediately afterward I saw this, as if you were reading my mind, or I was reading yours.

Can't wait to see more!

CAWilliams said...

I just read the excerpt from "Silk is for Seduction"... It's delicious! I work at a book store- I'm always suggesting your novels. I can hardly wait for it to be available for purchase. Thank you!

nightsmusic said...

Another beautiful cover. And darn it! Another dress I really, really want. Your heroines have the best clothing, Loretta!

Susan, I love the the clothing posts so this is going to be awesome. I always learn so much. I wish school had been this fun.

LorettaChase said...

How I wish I were going to the symposium, too. But I know Susan will do a very thorough job of bringing as much back to us as possible. CAWilliams & Theo, thank you! I'm highly excited about this new series--as you can imagine, I've adored the research!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time in Williamsburg at the symposium. I have been reading about it on their website and have been wishing that I could attend but it's not in the cards for me due to living in the mid-west and being in the middle of my last year of nursing school.
I look forward to reading your posts and what knowing what you learned. Thanks for letting us join you via the blog.

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Thanks for good wishes - hope to be able to offer lots of goodies not only from the symposium, but from CW in general. I hear they already have SPRING there, too.

And yes, I can't wait to read Loretta's new book too!!

Meg McNulty said...

Definitely something for my pre-order list! Love the excerpt - and the clothes!

Penny said...

I add my good wishes and hope the book comes out soon but since you won't be going to HNS I won't be getting any autogaphs of your books.
I look forward to the postings.

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