Saturday, February 5, 2011

Slideshow for the "Threads of Feeling" Exhibition

Saturday, February 5, 2011
Susan reporting:

We've written several times about the exhibition of 18th c. orphans' textile tokens, Threads of Feeling, that is currently running at the London Foundling Museum. Look here for our first post with the background history of both the Hospital and show, and here for a follow-up about the exhibition catalogue.

Recently the Museum launched a slide show on-line featuring a selection of the tokens, all beautifully photographed. Accompanying the slide show is a heart-breaking medley of 18th c. folk songs, all of which have the same sorrowful theme of men making promises they did not keep and unfortunate women who loved too well. A powerful, emotional presentation that we highly recommend!

Left: Textile Token, Sleeve Blue and white strip'd cotton turn'd up with purple and white linen.' Photograph courtesy London Foundling Museum. 
Caption: A baby's sleeve made from cotton woven in stripes sewn to linen printed with flowers. Foundling number 220. A girl aged about three weeks, admitted 15 November 1745. Named Catherine Walton by the Foundling Hospital. Apprenticed 31 August 1757 to James West, watch case maker of Fleet Street, London.

Great minds think alike: Several friends & readers of the TNHG have recommended this slide show to us, including Jen, Karen, Lady Burgley, Julie Wakefield, Sarah Woodyard, & Amanda Vickery. Many thanks to them all.


Tonya said...

Wow that was different, but pretty neat. Thank you for the link. Your links always lead to interesting places:)

Always Trista said...

The story of the orphans is so incredibly sad. All those poor desperate girls leaving their babies as a last resort! At least the story that you have with this token has the happy ending that all those mothers were praying for.

Anonymous said...

So interesting - another great link from my favorite history gals. Looking forward to more tomorrow, yes?

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