Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011
As befits the week that includes Valentine's Day, this serving of Breakfast Links is heavy on historical love and romance. Not that we're complaining! Our weekly selection of noteworthy tidbits gathered from other blogs, web sites, news stories, and announcements that we've discovered wandering around the Twitterverse: 

• Read about the women of Tiffany Studios:Clara Driscoll & the Tiffany Girls
• Smooch! 1940 love letter from Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera ends with a pink lipstick SWAK:
• What could be more perfect? Cast iron cow legs support the shelves in dairy at Ham:
OK, so we really like this: How 'OK' took over the world (via BBC)
• Because it IS the Year of the Rabbit: "The symbolism of rabbits and hares": html
Hugh Thomson's Illustrations for Sense and Sensibility:
• For those already sick of nuptial excess: RoyalWedding Sickbag anyone?
• You have our attention: Pearls, jade, gold, & gems in every color—the delectable jewelry of the Met:
• 1527: A letter from King Henry VIII to his future wife, Anne Boleyn,
• Let them eat cake - and wear paper wigs. Making 1780s style wig from paper for Fashioning Fashion show
• On this day in 1907 Suffragettes Storm Westminster
• Cold weather got you down? This video of 1920s cuties in swimwear is sure to cheer you up
• Horatio Nelson at home in Merton:
• Have you seen the V&A's great online wedding dress database?
• A fruitcake is forever: could this be the world's oldest wedding cake?
• The Sailor's Valentine
• A mudlark's love tokens found in the Thames.
• Love letters through history
• So St Val's day is done. Now let's celebrate the wolfish, pagan, Roman holiday of Lupercalia. Howl! #holidays
• We've always wondered about this: The Lamb & Flag symbol in London: Agnus Dei:
• Historical horses: return to draft horses instead of tractors for forest work on NT properties:
Above: At Breakfast, by Laurits Andersen Ring, 1898


nightsmusic said...

Some great links. My MIL would be really interested in the fruitcake. I don't eat them, but she makes them and gives me one every year. I think she's hoping I'll break down, but I just can't eat candied fruit.

On another note, there was a program on last year or the year before I think on the discovery channel about families here who use draft horses to log. Much better for everyone, I think.

Anonymous said...

This week's Romance Theme was a treat! I enjoyed the gallery of wedding gowns. No princesses or celebrities, only normal women on "their" day. Wonderful.

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