Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breakfast Links: Week of January 31, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011
We've been on Twitter for a month now, and in those few weeks nearly 450 of you have joined us as followers! If you're one of them, then thank you so much for taking the plunge with us. If not, we humbly invite you to give it (and us) a try. Our weekly Breakfast Links are only a fraction of the other blogs, sites, news stories, and other curiosities that we're discovering each week and passing along to our friends via the Twitterverse. 
Now here's this week's serving of the freshest Breakfast Links:
• Virtually visit museums around the world: Google's Art Project launches today:

• Flame-throwers for snow removal? For real: Mayor Curley of Boston suggested it to MIT students in 1948:
• This would be nice in our closets, too: the Museum of London   offers a rediscovered silken beauty:
• "Most magnificent Georgian interiors in Britain": Newly restored rooms at Stowe:
• Downton Abbey fans: remember Lady Sybil's scandalous harem-pants? Here's an original 'Persion' gown by Paul Poiret c1913:
• Three centuries of American broadsides and other printed ephemera:
• For lovers of medieval art: Upcoming exhibition at the Walters Museum in Baltimore now online. View medieval reliquaries in 3D!
• Amazing royal coincidences (or not): The Throne Clones:
• Lord Rochester's rival in writing & debauchery (& a spy too): At the Sign of Angellica: Playwrite Aphra Behn
• A Visit to Stoneleigh Abbey Grounds in the company of Mrs. Austen, Part One:
• How high for a duchess? Hanging 'Gainsborough & the Modern Woman' in San Diego:
• Name-game: Were these girl's names most popular in 1898 - or 1998?
• Fun gimmick: Move the cursor to see Boston then & now pix:
• Woodchuck triumph (w/ a good lawyer): For Ground Hog Day, a legend of young Daniel Webster & the woodchuck:
• Oh, we SO wish!:Rare opportunity to buy a magnificent Georgian house in historic Ampthill, Beds.
• Just in case you're invited to Buckingham Palace, here's everything you need to know, from bows to tiaras:
• Yes, it’s a blog entirely devoted to moustaches of the 19th century:
• The risqué secret behind an 18th-century bestseller:
• Hilarious royal wedding presents from 1922. A brass bell? A wooden box? Watch out, Will and Kate!


Beverly said...

I do not have twitter, so I really appreciate you posting these here. I visit everyone:) thanks

Mme.Tresbeau said...

Twitter terrifies me! But I love this digest. Thank you two for so much interesting reading every day.

Anonymous said...

I do follow you guys on twitter & facebook, but I probably miss stuff, so I like this feature, too. I love your blog, never know what will turn up but always learn something new!

DanielleThorne said...

Sunday's Breakfast links are fast becoming my favorite blog email! Fabulous finds. Thank you! Ya'll are the best!

nightsmusic said...

Though I follow you on twitter too, I also miss these things most of the time.

I looked at that house. Gorgeous, but all the modern furniture inside rather destroys the ambiance for me. If I'm going to have an historic home like that, I'm more inclined to want to dress the inside accordingly.

Carey said...

I am hopeless with twitter so I really love these posts. I spend way too much time following up links and buying books mentioned on this site :)

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